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Welcome to A Sound Mind And Body! I’m happy you decided to stop by! A Sound Mind And Body is a mental wellness community devoted to uplifting one another and providing mental health resources. I like to believe that people are mostly good and that you can try to find “the good” in most people. I do not believe that people are satisfied with the current state of our world and how we treat one another. We know we can do better. I believe if the majority of us (who believe in goodness) band together, we will be difficult to stop. We are much stronger together than we are apart. Take a look around!

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In this episode, I (Ellie) make my first attempt at recording solo. Tune in to see how it goes! 
  1. A Chat With Myself
  2. A Chat With Dr. Rita
  3. A Chat With Isaiah Grass
  4. A Chat With Maddie B & I Support The Girls
  5. A Chat With Rozzi

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