This time of year it’s hard to not to get swept up by Danielle Steel novels and Nicholas Spark film adaptations. However, the focus is only aimed at romantic love.

Growing up, my favorite person to celebrate Valentine’s Day with was… my mom. To be honest she still is! Don’t get me wrong, of course I love my significant other, but we celebrate our relationship throughout the year in other ways. It is nice to have the time to be thankful for other loving relationships that bring value to your life.

Another favorite Valentine’s day celebration of mine is not a romantic dinner for two, but a girls night with my favorite gals. (Inspired by Galentines Day from Parks and Recreation). Do you know why? It is because I can always count on them when I feel lonely or am in a pickle, and that has always been the case.

They say as you grow older, your circle becomes smaller because quality takes precedence over quantity. In other words, growing up it was about seeing how many friends you could make, but as you grow you learn it can be hard to have fulfilling relationships with too many different people. Not to say you cannot have a lot of friends, but I am talking about that close inner circle. The circle that has held you up when you felt at your lowest, seen your ugly cry and probably held your hair back a time or two. They are your 3 A.M. friends who you know you can call no matter what, and they will be there for you. Those are the relationships worth celebrating on Valentine’s because that is also a form of true love, right?

So this year, maybe ditch The Notebook and watch something like Bridesmaids, Sleepover, Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, etc., need I go on? Find that movie that speaks to your close relationships or makes you downright belly laugh. These holiday’s can seem daunting, but truthfully they are what you make them. You can spend your time on the couch crying it out, (I’ve been there, girl. You don’t want to do that!) or spring up , and take control of the situation. We know you’ve got this, and if you need a little extra support, we get it! Check out our resources page for more help! Happy Valentine’s Day! ❤