United is defined by the Merriam Webster dictionary as, “combined; produced by joint action; being in agreement. According to the National Constitution Center, the United States of America’s name originated at the Second Continental Congress stemming from the “United Colonies”. On Monday, September 9, 1776, Congress approved some significant resolutions. The fifth resolution said: “That in all continental commissions, and other instruments, where, heretofore, the words ‘United Colonies’ have been used, the stile be altered for the future to the “United States” spoken by John C. Fitzpatrick.

Let’s back up a second, though. As you may remember from your American History class (or if you googled it like me) the colonies formed in order to be free from the British crown. Thus, escaping the monarchy and forming the beginnings of what would become the United State’s democracy. Allowing the people to elect officials to represent their country. Fast forward, about 245 years through the invention of the telephone, two World Wars, the Civil Rights Movement, landing on the moon, the British Invasion, the birth of the Internet, among many more. Over 200 years forward, yet we are still fighting the same battles. Will we ever learn to lay down our weapons? We know a house divided cannot stand, as we have seen that movie played out in history over and over again. Is power really more important than human life? I sincerely hope not, but in today’s world it is easy to question.

If you are anything like me, you are having a hard time standing idle, as these MILLIONS of innocent lives are taken. I remember learning about WWII as a kid, and thinking what the heck was wrong with all the Americans for not helping (before we joined the war). Right, wrong, or indifferent that was the choice of the country at the time. Nowadays, we as individuals have more power than we know what to do with, in the age of smart phones and social media. Why not put that overcharged power to good use? If you feel down or helpless, know that you are not alone. Despite the politics of it, human nature kicks in, and it is horrific to watch our fellow humans beings treated so inhumanely. While we may not be able to pick up and go to the Ukraine to help, there are other ways to contribute. The saying “be the change you wish to see” applies here, as change starts with just ONE person. I have provided linked resources to several nationwide organizations like: United Way, YMCA , Habitat for Humanity , Doctors Without Borders , World Health Organization, Salvation Army , and Direct Relief . I encourage you to read about the different collections and donate to the one that most speaks to your heart. Now, it does not need to be a pricey donation, even $1 helps! Give what you can, and know that it is being put to good use. You’re helping countless refugees and citizens of the Ukraine during this trying time. Treat others how you want to be treated, right?