With a heavy heart, tear-filled eyes, and deep remorse, I write that another young friend has been taken from us too soon. My friends, the pain and suffering so many feel can no longer take a back seat. I am sick and tired of attending funerals for friends my own age. Twenty-five is not old enough to be attending the funerals of peers. The very people I grew up alongside and thought I’d be acquainted with forever. Taken. Gone.

The social media post begin to flood your feed with sadness and memorialization. We don’t get the luxury of “goodbyes” or “I love you’s.” No, we get the gut-wrenching phone call that no loved one should ever hear. It shouldn’t be this way. They should all still be here celebrating life alongside us, not from above.

There are not enough “I Love You’s,”‘ “Rest In Peace’s,” “In Loving Memory’s,” and so on that can make up for the tremendous loss felt by an entire community. Imagine someone suddenly in your community being replaced with a hollow shell. This person was a part of some community. A community they were accounted for and expected to be in. Their absence will be forever felt in that community.

If you have ever lost someone unexpectedly and tragically, you know the unbelievable pain it can create. Please don’t let this pain make you turn to substance abuse or suicide. Instead, reach out to a trusted loved one and get the help you deserve. You are certainly not weak in admitting your pain. In fact, we admire you for taking steps to take care of yourself. If anyone tells you differently, they, too, need to look within themselves and begin their own healing process.

You do not have to live with your emotional pain. Take care of yourself and value yourself like you would anyone else. There is another way, and licensed professionals waiting to help you start your healing journey. I know it is scary, so do it when you feel ready, but promise me you won’t wait too long.
I am sick and tired of attending funerals for friends my own age.