As the sun sets in Summer, it is only beginning to rise in Fall. At the end of the Summer, the night before school started, my parents had a saying they repeated each year, “Time to wash off the summer dirt.” Did they literally mean to wash off the dirt from the entire Summer? Of course not. They told it to be a sign of transition and renewal.

Some people, like myself, love the Fall and value the changing leaves and sweater weather. It is nice to be back in a routine and regularly see friends. However, the end of Summer is always bittersweet. It promises a new year as an older, more mature version of yourself. What will happen this year?

Whether on your education journey, take the time to take a mental picture throughout the year. Take the time to write it down when something good or bad happens, so you can read it and remind yourself of how you felt in that moment. Next year will be here before you know it, and you will be stuck trying to remember your favorite events of the year.

As I begin my final school year, I worry about life without class, homework, tests, and, most notably, a routine. Yes, I am excited to have more free time, but I worry I will grow bored quickly. That may be a sign to dig deeper into other aspects of my life – work, family, social life, relationships, etc. If you’re in a similar position, let me know how you plan to spend your extra time. I am open to suggestions!
As you hear the announcements today, remember Grease’s Principal McGee’s welcome back message to Rydell High!