If you are not aware, February is Black History Month. That said, I want to take this opportunity to address mental health in the Black community and identify appropriate resources. If you know what it feels like to be at your lowest, and then you would never wish that on anyone. Believe me. We need to work to ensure people are aware of resources to utilize them when needed. We don’t want people to suffer physically, so why would we want them to suffer mentally?

Sadly, the stigma around mental health does extend to different races, ethnic and cultural groups. There is still a stigma around mental health and seeking health. There is still work to do. We have to continue to fight against the stigma and encourage our fellow humans to get the help they are entitled to and deserve. However, it is not enough to say this. We need to do the work to get the message out.

There are amazing mental health organizations that cater to the Black community. They recognize the stigma in the Black Community and actively work to defeat it. It is incredible to learn about the work that these organizations have done. I know they will only continue to do the good work of spreading the word about getting help. We need to prioritize wellbeing.

So what are some of these organizations? I am glad you asked – please see below!

Black Mental Health Alliance

Black Mental Wellness

Boris Henson Foundation

Black Women’s Health Imperative

Black Men Heal

Therapy For Black Men

Therapy For Black Girls

Brother You’re On My Mind

BEAM – Black Emotional & Mental Health Collective

Ourselves Black

Melanin & Mental Health

Sista Afya


Safe Black Space