The Healing Power of Music

Welcome! Music can be a helpful tool in our mental health journey. We feel different emotions, but when artists put words and sounds to them, it helps us feel connected. It lets us know we are not alone and others think the same. Whether you’re in the mood for some happy hits or maybe you need some sad girl music, there’s something here for everyone! Whatever it is, let music help on your journey.

The playlist themes are as follows (Order – Top to Bottom):

Smiley Emoji= Happy Playlist

Sunglasses Emoji = Confidence/Woman Empowerment Playlist

Rose Emoji = For When Life Gets You In Your Feels Playlist

Heart Emojis = Lovey-Dovey Playlist

Angry Emojis = Annoyed/Angry Playlist

Rain Cloud Emoji = Sad Girl Playlist

Rainbow Emoji: Take Pride In Who You Are (Inspired by the month of Pride) Playlist